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This month, we have registered Steps Here steps. That is laps here trips around the world.


This month, we have registered Steps Here steps. That is laps here trips around the world.


We are committed to help people live healthier lives with our products.

Embrace a more active lifestyle with TruVision Health by joining the 10k PLEDGE!

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  1. Get an Activity Tracker (FitBit, Garmin, Misfit, etc.)!
  2. Download the corresponding app and set up your account.
  3. Download the 10k PLEDGE app in iTunes or Google Play.
    • If you’re new to the 10k PLEDGE, click “I’m New”
    • Enter Your Information
    • Enter Your Associate ID (Example: 12345)
      • If you do not have an Associate ID, click “Continue with sign up”
    • Sync with your Activity Trackers corresponding app
    • Check back frequently to track your activity, interact with others, and join the movement.
  4.  Start walking for better health and awesome monthly perks including FREE product!

Bonus Points: Join the ‘TruVision Health 10K Facebook‘ Page! Let’s do this together.

  1. Monthly incentives from TruVision Health that include Rewards Points and swag on certain months.
    • Incentives grow based on achieving your monthly goals consecutively.
    • For example, First-month qualifiers will receive a 7 Day Trial Pack.
    • Months 2–12: Once the goal is met, 25 Rewards Points will be awarded to your account. 
    • Months 13+: Once the goal is met, 50 Rewards points will be awarded to your account.
    • On consecutive months 3, 6, 9, and 12, the Associate or Preferred Customer will receive a TruVision Health branded car decal/sticker, visor, jacket or Nike running shoes respectively.
  2. Associate or Preferred Customers can start at any time and the consecutive months will be counted from the start date.
    • Challenge rewards were updated January 1st, 2018.
  3. If the monthly goal is NOT reached, the consecutive month calendar will start over.
  4. Monthly incentives will be sent or added to your account the following month.

To receive 10k rewards points you must have an active SmartShip on your account.

For more information, visit SmartShip.

*Product may vary depending on the country.

  1. Your steps need to be synced with the TruVision Health 10k PLEDGE app.
    • Don’t forget to sync to a mobile phone or computer throughout the day.
    • Your steps will NOT COUNT if they are entered manually so make sure you wear your Activity Tracker and that it is charged!
  2. The number of steps is determined by multiplying 10,000 by the number of days in that month. For example: the month of April has 30 days, which means you will need to reach 300,000 steps by the end of the month.
  3. Be an active Preferred Customer or Associate with at least 75 PV per calendar month.
    • Personal and retail orders count toward the 75 PV.
  4. Associate ID must be entered in the “My ID” tab during the setup of the app. Enter it as Associate ID number. (i.e. 12345)
    • This is the only way corporate can track the individuals, so it must be done before the rewards are received.